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Can You Reverse Soul Mate Energy?

Q: I understand that when soulmates meet very often one may pick up on the connection whilst the other dosn't or goes into denial. I've heard that the energy connection can be put into the spiritual reverse so the other mate gets more interactive. How would you encourage this spiritual reverse of the energies?

A: The first thing you need to look into is why it is that one soul mate feels the spiritual connection, but the other doesn’t. That is your key. I feel that when the love isn’t reciprocated, the one who is backing off is the one who has not come to terms with him or herself. In other words, there is still some baggage that the other is not letting go of which is preventing them from opening up their heart and feeling this soul mate energy. I feel that they do feel it, but for one reason or another, and because they still have some karma within themselves to work out, they put up a block. In most cases, they are putting up that block because of past hurts, although there are zillions of other reasons such as maybe they need space to find out who they are before they begin another relationship.

To reverse the energy connection would be to find a way to knock down that block, of course. I really don’t believe we have that power to do so because we are not that person and we have not gone through the same experiences they have that caused the block. Sure, we can be sympathetic and try all we can to help that person see it our way, but it’s not going to happen until it’s time for it to happen.

I have found that timing plays a huge part in whether soul mates are meant to be together at a particular time in history. I also feel that our life’s paths were already mapped out before we were born, so it wouldn’t be following either one’s life path to MAKE it happen and would, basically, screw up the scheme of things.

There was an interesting story I read about a man who believed he could turn a woman he had never met into his soul mate. He made the news and everything. Promoted the heck out of it.

The story goes he found the woman with whom he planned on doing this on an airplane. She balked at first, but then relented. Leaving her family and the life she once knew behind, she joined him and they began their relationship. It bombed eventually and she flew back to her homeland citing the relationship was more like an experiment, which it basically was, and didn’t feel natural.

I found the man’s email address and emailed him, telling him that soul mates cannot be “made,” and instead had to be born into it.

He didn’t take kindly to it and I suppose he was embarrassed the whole thing bombed.

In essence, I don’t believe that you can reverse the soul mate energies. If the timing isn’t right at this particular time, perhaps it will be right further down the road. You just can’t force the soul mate relationship. Let it happen on its own accord. It stands a better chance at succeeding.

Hope this helps! ;o)


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Remember that all soul mates play important parts in your lives and that no one particular soul mate is more important than the other for they all are meant to come into your life to help you reach your higher self. ;o)

Dorothy Thompson
Relationship Expert & Author



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nice article, a good read.

But what about "in the meantime"?

What if you think (or are pretty sure) you've met your soul mate, but they are blocking it, not ready?

Of course you have to wait for the right time to come, whether in a few weeks, years, or in another lifetime. But you can't help this urge to give love to that person. It hurts not to be able to be with them and love them.

How would you recommend coping with this? Thinking positive and sending them love? Trying to keep contact with the person, like with a friend? Forgetting about them totally?

Thanks a lot,

Wednesday, 25 July, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, what if you cannot meet yours because they are famous? *shrugs*
I hate mine big time now and want to separate permanently. This connection is physically and mentally attacking my health, I'm actually feeling stomach and back pain, also I once felt like someone was trying to crack my collar-bone and what I thought I having my a crushing chest pain like heart-attack with someone squeezing my heart and this happened 5 days before his birthday and later I was being poked painfully in the heart. I still at times I can't even daydream or think to myself anymore without feeling some type of physical pain. What if soulmates have control over your physical health and life (i.e. circumstances, experiences, etc.) too? I've been so damn miserable these days and my life is falling apart. I've didn't realized he was a soulmate until his 40th birthday but I the first time I saw him was when I was 20 (that's 15 years ago now and then he was 27 which makes him 5 years older) and I somehow recognized him felt nothing but quickly dismissed it because it was only a premonition of an upcoming movie which did not come out until May 2nd, 2003. I've never even heard of this actor or watched anything he acted in prior to the movie advertised he kept popping (there's too many damn coincidences or this to be a damn mere coincidence) up because someone wanted to watch one of his movies unknowingly and so I was cornered into seeing him and I ended up having a meltdown. I really wish I never had that premonition of him (it happened before his upcoming movie). I tried to contact him but that monster won't respond either so I can't tell him and I doubt he'd feel anything either for me (especially since it took a long time before I found out and I quickly brushed that shit off myself). So I need to do something. I hope this connection doesn't kill me either and if it does, we are done period! I hope it all ends sooner than later. I'd like my life back.

Saturday, 13 May, 2017  

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