Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Advice With a Heart

You know, one of the worse things in my life as a soul mate relationship coach is having to tell people what they don't want to hear. I want to bring out that magic wand and do whatever it takes to have things happen they way they want it to happen. These people open up their hearts to me. I'm sure sometimes I'm their last resort, and I try to put this aside and answer from a professional point of view.

But, unfortunately, I also have a heart.

I try not to let this hamper my decision, for I know they are looking for expert advice, and I try to give it to them like it is, but I still pick up on their emotions, their anguish, their hopelessness.

This makes it really hard.

I am an empath, and this is one of the ways I am able to help people. As I am reading their letters, I can get inside their emotions, and I use this to help me give advice...with a heart.

I was reading a free newspaper the other day, and on the second page was a relationship column written by a local, and someone I didn't know.

Of course, being as she wrote in my field, I read her column, and all the while, trying to figure out how I would approach the same question.

I was just simply aghast at her answer.

The question was, "I am in love with a married man. Can you tell me what I should do?"

The so-called relationship columnist proceeded to berate her for even thinking such a thing. No words of wisdom. No help. Just her opinion on what an awful person she was, and basically grinding her spirit to the ground.

Before I read her answer, I knew what my answer would be. I knew that, unfortunately, some of our soul mates come into our lives at the wrong time. There are reasons for it, and either parties should not feel ashamed for what has happened. They should feel ashamed if they acted upon it, but not for the feelings they have for one another.

For, you see, the soul mate relationship is a whole different thing. Yes, it's about relationships, but you have to take a different approach. There are no society standards and no right or wrong moral issues, no matter what anyone says. It's on a different realm, and that realm is of a spiritual nature, and doesn't even enter into today's thinking of what is right and wrong.

It's often hard for people to perceive this. And this is why I'm here.

The soul mate world does not run by society's standards, nor are they governed by some narcissistic know-it-all with the diploma that states they have that right to tell people what they feel is right or wrong.

The soul mate world has to be interpreted through a medium that does not involve anything other than that deep understanding, and that spiritual communication that involves insight and intuitiveness. But, more than that, it involves knowing the way the soul mate relationship works. And no diploma will give you that.

You either have it, or you don't.

If you do have it, it's the most wonderful thing in the world because it gives you the power to look underneath the exterior, and delve into the interior where the true soul mate core lies.

I felt I had to get this message out because there are so many so-called "experts" out there that are doing more harm than good. Don't berate a person for something they either don't understand, or can't control. Help them. Show them the way out, so that they can go, "Okay, I understand that. Now, I can do something about it." Lead them back in the right direction, but don't make them feel that they are worthless because of something they had no control over.

And this is what the wonderful world of soul mates is really all about.

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May all your soul mate dreams come true!

Dorothy Thompson
Relationship Expert & Author