Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Relationship Advice: Will My First Love and I Be a Couple Again?

I have been reunited with my first love and we have been in touch through lunch, emails, and voicemails for the last four years. We are both currently married. I want to know if we will ever be sexually passionate again and be a couple as we once were? I truly believe he is my twin soul mate.

Once a soul mate, always a soul mate. It’s very normal to harbor feelings for our first love, so don’t feel guilty about it! As for him being your twin soul, I’d have to know more, but the way it sounds, it looks to me that he might be one of your companion soul mates.

Companion soul mates are just as special as your twin soul, so even if he does not turn out to be your twin soul, he was and still is a very important part of your life. As for as being the couple you once were, that is highly unlikely because the couple you once were has gone through a lot of life lessons and with that, growing pains, and the two of you have become entirely different persons you once were. While the feelings can be stirred and the passions reignited, the road you both are on now is completely different. You both have married, and I’m taking it that if you and he feel that there is a need to reunite, there are problems within both your marriages that must be solved. If they cannot be solved, it’s time to move on. Whether that includes you two becoming one again, it would depend on the factors involved. Because the spirits of the two of you are fighting to be rejoined, the reality of it is that it’s not that simple. The first thing you need to do is decide whether breaking up your marriage is worth it.

If the marriage has problems that can be resolved, my first instinct is to tell you to at least try to work it out because you don’t want to make a big mistake. I’ve heard of cases where two soul mates who are in marriages meet and decide to leave their spouses for their new soul mate only to find they wish they had at least tried to resolve whatever problems there were in the marriage because, in reality, they still loved them. Thus, they found themselves in the soul mate triangle, and even more problems surfaced because of it.

If the problems cannot be resolved, then there’s your cue. But, unless you want to find yourself in a three-way soul mate relationship which has its own set of problems, I’d try to tie up loose ends by looking inside your marriage and seeing what you think the problem might be. If there is a communication problem, encourage your spouse to talk to you about it. If there are drugs, alcohol, or abuse-related issues, my advice to you would be to pack up your bags because it’s only going to get worse without any outside help.

With that said, there is no harm in communicating with your previous soul mate because there is a strong reason why he has resurfaced, and I’m figuring it is because your spirit is crying out for help concerning whatever it is that is going on in your marriage. He has been called to help you with this. Don’t look at it as an opportunity to escape. Look at it as a golden opportunity to find out in which direction you need to go. Listen to your inner self. Your inner self will tell you what you need to do and where you need to go.

Hope this helps!

The Soul Mate Queen
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